The choices real estate investors and developers make have direct and lasting effects on the way hundreds, perhaps thousands of people live and work. Mattoni Group fully engages this responsibility and prides itself on being responsive and proactive community leaders. Working closely with forward-thinking architects, designers and contractors who share its core values, the company creates remarkable spaces that promote better lives through inspired design and innovative construction. It practices "conscientious investing" to enrich communities by increasing housing options, redeveloping neglected properties and actively serving effective local charitable causes. Day in and day out, Mattoni Group embraces its commitment to good corporate citizenship by conducting business ethically, transparently and in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

A Socially-Conscious Business Model

Mattoni Group thoughtfully breathes new and often times restorative life into their projects. The firm achieves this while leaving the smallest possible footprint on the environment with minimally disruptive techniques that enhance communities and improve livability. Moreover, Mattoni Group is also actively involved with a host of charitable organizations in the U.S. and abroad.