Trail-oriented development coming to Miami

July 11, 2019, Author: Michele Lerner, Washington Post

The success of transit-oriented development projects such as Bethesda Row in Maryland and of redevelopment of former railway corridors such as the High Line in Manhattan has led to a new type of project: trail-oriented development. The Ludlam Trail, a former unused railway corridor in Florida’s Miami-Dade County, is being converted by the county into a six-mile-long, 100-foot-wide linear park, running and cycling trail that extends from Miami International Airport to Dadeland Mall.

A currently unnamed mixed-use development is underway through a joint venture by ZOM Living, Scout Capital Partners and Mattoni Group on an 11.3-acre site where the Ludlam Trail intersects with Bird Road. The development will integrate the Ludlam Trail into its design and provide residents of the planned 950 apartments with direct connections to the recreational elements of the trail and to transit options. The trail connects to five schools, four parks, three waterways and two transit stations.

Construction is anticipated to begin during the fourth quarter of this year and will include the apartments and 35,000 square feet of retail space.

The apartment buildings will range from six to eight stories, each with its own swimming pool and sun deck, amenities and parking garage. The development will include a brewery/restaurant and some one-level retail buildings along the trail. For future updates, visit